Godin 5th Avenue Thinline - Kingpin P90, Trans cream HG



The Godin 5th Avenue Thin Line represents a clever synthesis between our two renowned series: the Montreal series and the 5th Ave series. Its medium-sized fully hollow body provides a unique sonic character. This feature offers exceptional expressiveness while providing complete control over the sustain of each note.
Its strength becomes evident when paired with a low to moderate gain tube amplifier. In this setup, the guitar reveals a harmonious character, where tones blend subtly to create a warm and balanced sound. The instrument responds sensitively to playing nuances, allowing the musician to explore a rich and diverse sonic palette. Another remarkable aspect of this guitar is its propensity to produce a controlled and pleasant feedback. When pushed to higher volumes, it reacts with mastery, adding an extra dimension to the musician’s creativity.
Also, this guitar offers remarkable versatility, allowing musicians to delve into various musical styles. Whether you seek the expressive power of blues, the energy of rock, or the sophistication of jazz, this guitar meets expectations with its classic and warm P90 pickups or its well-defined character Gold Foils with excellent high-end response. In summary, this hybrid guitar embodies the harmonious marriage between the legacy of the Montreal series and that of the 5th Ave series, offering musicians a captivating sound experience in terms of playability and sonic diversity. And, of course, this guitar is 100% crafted in our Canadian workshops!

Reference GO-5TH-TL-TC
Brand Godin
Unit Piece
Advised price CHF 1,499.00