MICK THOMSON Custom Jazz III Picks, Player's Pack of 6


  • Tight grip and fast, precise performance
  • Subtle flexibility
  • Bold, in-your-face tones

Mick Thomson uses this custom Jazz III Pick to shred through riffs and rip through solos—and this pick does both with astonishing aplomb. Based on the Max-Grip® Jazz III Pick, this one is made from a softer nylon formula for a subtle flexibility that allows a master technician such as Mick to transition between rhythm and lead passages with ease and comfort. The tone is loud, bold, and in your face—perfect for Slipknot’s musical maelstroms.

''Dunlop Jazz III Picks allow so much precision, and they’ve been integral to my picking technique ever since junior high. This version is easily my favorite. We dialed in the nylon formula for slightly more flex, improving both tone and feel, with a grippy attack for extra control at the point of contact on the string. This pick is brighter and punchier with greater touch sensitivity and better handling especially nice when digging it on bends''
Mick Thomson

Reference 471PMT
Brand Dunlop
Unit Bag
Advised price CHF 13.00