Cl. Crystal CANTIGA PREMIUM, trebles New Crystal / basses Cantiga Premium, Hard Tension

Trebles : New Cristal - Clear Nylon / Basses : Cantiga PREMIUM - Silver plated wound.

  • The 1st, 2nd and 3rd strings are top quality clear nylon trebles called NEW CRISTAL.
  • The trebles are the same as in the New Cristal Cantiga sets.
  • The high characteristics of this nylon give the string its rich, beautiful and clear sound.
  • NEW CANTIGA PREMIUM BASSES are elaborated with very new raw materials.
  • Their production lead to develop new machines controled by computers based on new technologies.

Art. N° 510CJP
Brand Savarez
Unit Set
Rec. Ret. Price / Pce CHF 22.00