Cl. Crystal CANTIGA, aiguës New Crystal / basses argent pur poli Cantiga, Tension Forte

The polished CANTIGA basses feature a new Savarez innovation on the cutting edge of string making. They offer much more advantages than the elimination of left hand noises.

The use of reinforced pure silver, the new exclusive core of the CANTIGA basses, the advanced technologies and sophisticated surface processing machines all together concur in bringing the string characteristics (tone quality, power, projection, ease of playing) to the highest level ever reached, generally reserved to the round wound strings.

They are ideal for recordings and amplified performances on stage, and they will allure all the players who are looking for a pure sound free of left hand noises.

They are paired with the praiseworthy New Cristal trebles in clear nylon to give a very well balanced set.

Art. N° 510CJH
Brand Savarez
Unit Set
Rec. Ret. Price / Pce CHF 49.00

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