Violine SOLEA Satz auf Synth. Umsponnen, E-MI mit Schlinge mittel, Beutel

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SOLEA another sound : each string is a sound universe to itself !

the discovery of new raw materials. Used in precisely calculated proportions, these new raw materials have created a new very attractive string texture. A new sound proposition and exceptional playing quality has now become reality, with the new Solea range of strings for violin.

Under the bow, string flexibility feeling gives a comfortable ease of play, while offering the required string resistance under the fingers. The perfectly adjusted string stiffness meets the requirements for a swift response, facilites a large range of nuances within the expanded color spectrum, and perfect sound emission from pianissimo to fortissimo.

The homogeneity of these strings is present when passing from one string to another: sound volume regularity, density and harmonics, are present from the low positions to the highest positions throughout the entire length of the fingerboard. The E string is made from a slightly more flexible steel with high grade of carbon content. The brilliant sound not aggressive, allows an enlarged range of nuances even in case of a powerful playing.

The wound A, D and G strings are made of new materials: a combination of very new innovative metals. The double layers of innovative raw materials surround a synthetic multifilament core (specific polymer) whose elasticity and density have been designed to give a rich and bright sound rendering.

Art.-Nr. 15.600M
Marke Corelli
Einheit Satz
Richt-VP / Stück CHF 89.00