Mundstück, Marble Reserve Evolution, B-Klarinette, EV10E (A=442Hz - Bahnöffnung 1.08mm - Facing medium-long)

Introducing D’Addario Reserve Evolution Bb Clarinet Mouthpieces. Designed for the modern clarinetist, Reserve Evolution mouthpieces deliver a warm and refined tone featuring quick response and ease of articulation. This new mouthpiece from D’Addario Woodwinds provides clarinetists with greater flexibility for a wide variety of musical styles.

  • Medium-long facing for greater flexibility
  • Optimized beak shape for added comfort
  • Revolutionary ramp and bore taper geometry for fuller, more centered tone
  • Altered baffle for added projection and articulation nuance
  • Available in two pitch systems - 441Hz, and 442Hz
  • No hand-finishing
  • Expertly-designed and made in the USA from foreign materials by a team of top musicians and engineers
  • Milled, not molded, from solid rod rubber, using D’Addario’s precise computer-controlled mouthpiece-making technology

Art.-Nr. MCE-EV10E-MB
Marke D'Addario Woodwinds - RICO
Einheit Stück
Richt-VP / Stück CHF 169.50